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3D Printing

Made Easy

with Jinos Filaments

We are a technology oriented company specializing in 3D printing filament. Proudly located in the beautiful Lake Norman area 30min north of Charlotte NC,  Our PLA, ABS, and other polymer 3D printer filaments are in a multitude of popular colors.  Most of our products are 1.0kg/2.2 lbs spools and are vacuum sealed as standard. Other sizes, such as 0.5 kg - 2.0 kg spools, are also available.  To ensure the highest product quality, we adapted a lean-six-sigma quality system and only use premium US-made raw materials. Our expertise in polymer engineering provides the solid foundation of our lean process, allowing us to meet high quality requirements while maintain competitive pricing. 

Our mission is to serve the 3D printing community with premium 3D  Printer filaments,  3D Prints, and services. We are well-equipped and have the capability to provide 3D printer filament OEM services. Our facility is also made available to customers for R&D trials, scale-up trials, new polymer/additive process-ability evaluations, and so on. Whether you are a professional engineer, designer, artist, educator, or hobbyist, we are excited you are here.  Feel free to look around and let us know how we can serve you better. 

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